Client Services

Gambit Securities ("GS") offers its clients a comprehensive portfolio management solution. Client assets are managed on a discretionary basis in accounts housed with our third-party custodian, Charles Schwab & Co.

GS focuses exclusively on income-producing investments, primarily in the form of dividend-paying stocks, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and master limited partnerships (MLPs). Fixed-income instruments such as preferred stock and exchange-traded debt securities are also utilized as appropriate, but given our focus on long-term total returns and the pursuit of attractive dividend-growth opportunities, the approach is primarily equity-based.

Over most meaningful time periods, studies have demonstrated that dividend-paying stocks have generated results superior to those of their stingier brethren, yet investors in these stocks have also typically enjoyed below-market volatility. This effectively results in the oft-cited-to-be-impossible accomplishment of capturing more return with less risk (assuming a key aspect of risk is the possibility that your money won't be there when you need it, and we'd say that's a pretty good risk to consider).

GS seeks to further leverage the inherent advantage of dividends by applying a proprietary, fundamental research framework to investment opportunities in the space. Potential investments are screened extensively based on both quantitative and qualitative factors before detailed models are constructed to identify intrinsic value. To enhance potential returns and provide an additional margin of safety, a discount to this perceived value is then sought. In short, we evaluate the full picture (both the numbers and the business case) in order to capture truly compelling opportunities.